Now Available: Dreaming of a Dark Christmas

If you’ve been following my personal blog over at DreamingIf, you’ve already heard about the surprise I’ve had cooking for a while: a collection of dark Christmas short stories written under each of my pen names. I’ve been planning this since August, and am so happy to present these stories to you now.

Dreaming of a Dark Christmas was designed around the dark holiday concept. The stories are, in this order:

“Christmas Eve Gift” by C.D. Watson. Old Bill sets out on her annual Christmas Eve journey to her niece’s house, and encounters an unexpected darkness along the way.

“A Dark Christmas” by V.R. Cumming. (A World of the Vampyr short story.) Alice, a dark daughter of the vampire Elizabet, turns the table on a family of hunters, with unexpected consequences.

“On the 7th Day of Christmas” by Celia Roman. (A Sunshine Walkingstick short story.) Sunny finally gets to throw a party with her friend David Eckstrom, only a monster shows up and twists a small kink into her New Year’s Eve festivities.

“Twelfth Night” by Lucy Varna. (A Daughters of the People short story.) A thirteen-year-old Lukas Alexiou encounters the Woman with No Face for the first time, and must decide between seizing his destiny, or allowing his father to control him forever.

For a limited time, the digital edition of Dreaming of a Dark Christmas is available for just $.99 at Amazon. Print and audio editions are forthcoming.

Happy holiday reading!

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